Kon Satoshi Retrospective – One Thousand Years Of Memento

Posted By yonghow on August 12th, 2011

Warning : Adult content ahead.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of anime maestro Kon Satoshi’s untimely passing, his company Kon’s Tone and Madhouse have organized a retrospect exhibition “One Thousands Years Of Memento” ( the title no doubt derived from one of his masterpieces “Millenium Actress”. ) to be held in Shinjuku’s Optometry Gallery from the 12th of August. If you’re in Tokyo, you owe it to yourself to visit and pay due respects to the master who gave us such endearing anime films as Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika.

For the exhibition a very limited ( 300 sets ) Kon Satoshi Art Works boxset has been printed, with 100 sets to go on sale on the opening day. The remaining 200 sets can be purchased from the website from 15th of September, which I reckon will be snapped up in about 15 seconds.

Some information regarding the box set :

Publisher: KON’STONE Co. Ltd.,
Date of Sale: 2011/8/12*
Price: JPY 28,000 (tax-not-excluded)
Product Size: B4, 69 pieces
Illustration: Color (54 pieces), Monochrome (10 pieces), Plate (5 monochrome pieces / description notes, colophon)
300 limited sets ( *100 presold at exhibition )
Exclusive gift-box set including one frame

Below are the thumbnail prints of the art work appearing in the box set.

Much as I respect and love Kon Satoshi’s art work, 28000 yen ( about 365 USD ) is just not within my budget. I’m hoping Madhouse will release a more affordable, preferably hard cover book containing all the pieces shown at a price range of maybe, 3500-5000 yen in the near future.

Update October 2013 – This book is now available in a much more affordable edition.

In the meantime, you can find some of Kon Satoshi’s “Art of” books for his anime films on Amazon Japan ( see links below ).

You might also be interested in these other films by the late (R.I.P) Satoshi Kon :


12 Responses to “Kon Satoshi Retrospective – One Thousand Years Of Memento”


my god that looks amazing. i think the only other thing of his i don’t have anymore is the Tokyo Godfathers book. i really hope that they release a more sized down package of this, because i can simply not afford that, or at least at this point justify affording that.


Zack – Definitely pinning for a priced down edition of the book, which I am sure won’t be short of interested buyers. Let’s hope they make it happen, sooner rather than later. :]


im new to anime… but i have to say im impressed…


i know that it won’t make my life better, and i know i can see a lot of those images online or something, but owning a book and holding it in your hands is just one of the greatest feelings for some reason. i think Kaba is probably my favorite art book that i have to date, and it just epitomizes that feeling. i like sliding off the cover and sitting with it admiring the work in it. it’s a sickness, i know, but i want this book so bad!


Wow! I think I will go to the exhibition.That art book is by far too expensive ..too bad but it looks amazing.


elena – awesome, please let us know how it is ! a few photographs won’t hurt too, if they’re ok with it.

Ashish Jain

these are some of the most impressive anime artpieces I’ve ever seen..


Gracias por la información y por el aporte.


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