Kazuo Oga Ghibli Background Art Exhibition DVD Review

Posted By yonghow on December 26th, 2007

Kazuo Oga’s “The guy who painted Totoro’s forest” background art exhibition, held at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in summer earlier this year was one of the most amazing art exhibitions I’ve ever visited. (Read about the exhibition on this older post.) An official dvd documenting the event was available for pre-order during the exhibition but it only just arrived in my mail a few days ago.

With a running time of almost 2 hours packed with numerous documentaries this dvd’s worth goes beyond just a casual view for the average Ghibli animation fan but is also an invaluable resource for illustrators and background artists. The contents on this dvd include :

1) Documentary on Kazuo Oga’s “The guy who painted Totoro’s forest” Background Art Exhibition ( 73 minutes )

2) Documentary “The charm behind Kazuo Oga’s background art” ( 41 minutes )

3) Still image gallery collection of ALL 600 piece of artwork shown at the Kazuo Oga’s “The guy who painted Totoro’s forest” Background Art Exhibition.

4) Kazuo Oga’s Techniques – A documention of Kazuo Oga’s working on one of his pieces, from start to end. ( 20 minutes )

To make up for the delayed delivery the vendor bundled a special Ghibli matchbox
with the dvd. Nice. :]

I’ve only managed to skim through the contents of the disc at the moment but I hope to set aside some quality time to watch all the features soon.

Update : There is now a blu-ray version of documentary available, which I highly recommend because the HD images show off Kazuo Oga’s beautiful artwork even better than the dvd version. To purchase, follow this link.

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tragic comedy

I want!


Wow this is AMAZING!! I had the book sent by a japanese friend, but this is cool! English subtitles too!!


wow! thats beautiful, definitely a vital source for reference!


tragic comedy, Nicola : A must have. :p

CMWilly : How’s Comiket treating you ? :]


If you had to choose would you recommend the book or the dvd? And i dont speak or read Japanese 😛


  1. Oga Kazuo Exhibition: Ghibli No Eshokunin - The One Who Painted Totoro’s Forest: Blu-ray (2007) at Tim Maughan Books