Kaba 2 : Otomo Katsuhiro Art Book Coming Soon

Posted By yonghow on December 28th, 2011

*Update 020212* The book review is now up ! Read it here.

Recently I’ve noticed many searches on my blog for “Kaba 2”, Katsuhiro Otomo’s upcoming art book so I’ve collected whatever information I’ve found to share with readers here.

This volume is a follow up to his first Kaba art book, released more than 2 decades ago in 1989. ( Read the book review for Kaba here. ) Kaba 2 will be released on the 30th of Jaunary 2012.

Details are scant and I didn’t manage to find any preview pictures online, but here’s the information I’ve managed to glean from the publisher Kodansha :

– Dimensions : 28cm x 28cm ( Identical to the first Kaba art book )
– 208 pages, Hardcover

The list of artwork includes :

– Akira and Steamboy Illustrations
– Colored comics “BATMAN The Third Mask”, “ORBITAL ERA”
– Select storyboards, concept/character sheets for anime Roujin Z, Gundam : Mission To The Rise, Freedom
– Bicycle Illustrations ( might be similar material from his artbook Viva Il Ciclissimo, speculation only )
– Storyboards, Concept art for TBS’s Fairground Commercials, New Year Card Illustrations
– A 32 page Cannon Fodder illustration spread created specially for this book
– Various other yet to be published art work

Well, its a blind buy for me even without all the information above. I’ll do a more comprehensive review of the book once I get my hands on a copy. In the meantime, you can pre-order a copy by following the link below.

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7 Responses to “Kaba 2 : Otomo Katsuhiro Art Book Coming Soon”


I tried to order this on amazon japan but it doesn`t let me enter an international address. I have an account and ordered from japan before but I moved and I need to switch addresses, when I try I only get the japanese form (with prefecture etc..) and no button to switch to international. Can you help me? thanks!!


luca – There should be a link that allows you to switch to international addresses – do take a look at my “How to Order from Amazon Japan” post if you haven’t already.

If that doesn’t help, you can send me a screencap of the last Amazon page you’re on ( hopefully you can have a graphics software to remove any personal information you do not wish to share ) and I will try to see if I can help. cheers !


thank you for your reply. I did follow the instructions on your website but when I get to the address section I don`t have the option to enter an international (outside of japan) order. I`m gonna email you a screen grab now. thanks again for your help I really want to get Kaba 2!

Harry Dechering

This is a 100% must buy for me. Great news!


this is unbelievable! i am going to preorder it later this week! i can’t wait. sometimes places will not do preorders for international orders, so that may be the problem, but i am going to see for myself later. thanks for the news! this is seriously the best news in books in so long for me! i was afraid there was no more Otomo to collect!


HOLY CRAP! yes, definitely buying! I remember when I bought the first one, I spent weeks glued to it. lol


i’m having such a hard time not swearing. i just preordered this. can’t wait.