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Posted By yonghow on July 21st, 2009

Mari Illustrious (illustrated by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto ) from Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance graces the cover of Cut, a popular Japanese film magazine. One might recall something similar 2 years ago with Ayanami Rei on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine Japan. (image below)

The current issue of CUT features fairly in-depth interviews with the main creators of the film, Tsurumaki Kazuya, (co-director), Sadamoto Yoshiyuki ( character designer ), and the voice actors, including Sakamoto Maaya. ( voice of Mari Illustrious )

The highlights however, are the various illustrations by guest artists, as seen above. From top to bottom – Illustrators are : Matsubara Hidenori ( character designer, Sakura Wars ), Tsurumaki Kazuya, Hiramatsu Tadashi and Honda Takeshi. ( the latter two prolific Gainax animators that have worked on one too many great films to list here. )

(above) Sakamoto Maaya, the voice behind Mari. Evangelion 2.0 is currently enjoying a most profitable box office run in theatres here as we speak, ( 1.0 was the one of the best selling anime dvd of 2008 ) I guess we can expect the same performance when 2.0 is released on dvd/blu-ray next year.

(above) A print ad for Evangelion 2.0’s original soundtrack – I can’t remember what the music in 1.0 sounded like, is it the same composer this time round ?  (below) The current issue of the magazine also includes an interview with the director of “Summer Wars“, Hosoda Mamoru. (read this older article. )Incidentally, the character designer for Summer Wars is also Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Given the nature of the cover design the magazine will be sold out very, very soon. You can still get a used copy from Amazon Japan by following the link below –

“Cut Magazine Mari Illustrious Evangelion 2.0″ art book details :

Dimensions – 11.6 x 8.9 x 0.4 inches

Soft cover, 140 pages

Full color / Black & White

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tragic comedy

that plugsuit looks so good!


Such Beautiful Illustrations. Where do buy this Mags?


Good lord… Sadamoto continues to get better and better in very subtle ways. Hiramatsu Tadashi and Honda Takeshi are still such forces to reckon with too! Damn, I love Gainax…


what is the price yonghow? i’m interested.


This special edition magazines are incredible, great designs, great covers!

I was in Tokyo last year by the time 1.0 was released in DVD, remembered see a lot of magazines with eva as the main cover, really something for me!

Yonghow, i hope you still got some magazines by the end of the month, really interested in one 🙂


Hey Yonghow! I know this is in no way related to this post but I got to see Miyazaki in person today!!! Here’s details and some pics I took!



tragic comedy – Oh yeah. :]

Gunstray/rulascalaca – You can contact me to get a copy !

weigy – Wow ! I’m so envious !


What price did you have in mind for the magazine? I’ve seen a copy or two on eBay but people ask for ridiculous prices in the range of $60 +. Thanks


Wow eva is still going strong over there since 10 years ago when I last saw it as a student, Love the new plug suit design, plus Sakamoto Maaya voicing Mari is cool.


to think of it, this new girl looks kinda like someone you would find in Die buster…


Those jerks won’t ship it to Russia! (((