Denno Coil Blu-ray Boxset

Posted By yonghow on July 12th, 2011

Director/veteran animator Iso Mitsuo’s highly acclaimed anime series “Denno Coil” comes to blu-ray on the 25th of November, 2011.

As I recall this series was quite the talk of the Japanese animation industry when it was first released, because of the extraordinary quality of its animation, on par with feature films.

The blu-ray boxset contains the entire series’ 28 episodes on 5 discs, with a total running time of 864 minutes. Extra features include interviews with cast, audio commentaries, and more. Here’s the catch – as with most Japanese anime blu-ray releases, there are no English subtitles included.

The boxset is priced at a staggering 38850 Yen, ( 488 USD ) but pre-orders at Amazon Japan is selling it for 28749 Yen. ( 361 USD )

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3 Responses to “Denno Coil Blu-ray Boxset”


that looks awesome. i first picked up on this show from this website too, and it’s really a blast. i thought there were only 26 episodes though, so will have to look into this problem.


The Japanese pay an insane amount of money for their DVDs. That’s almost ten times what you’d expect to pay in the US. Their CDs are expensive too, but not by that much. To get the Patlabor TV/OVA series on blu ray it would cost you almost $900! That’s a month’s rent here. I know their economy is different but it must be expensive even for them.

I’ll keep my eye out for it though, it looks good.


Zack – Glad you enjoyed the series. I had no idea there were 28 episodes either.

Jason – That’s right, Japanese dvds and blu-rays are the most expensive on the planet, period. It has something to do with the way the industry is structured to protect the market, at least that’s what my Japanese colleague told me a long time back. I’m not sure if its working though.