Batou (GITS) Illustration By Katsuya Terada

Posted By yonghow on September 5th, 2014

Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine

A devastatingly bad-ass illustration of the character Batou from the Ghost In The Shell manga/anime series by Monkey King comic artist Katsuya Terada, appearing in the September (9/2) issue of Young Magazine. This guest art work is part of the celebration for Ghost In The Shell’s 25th anniversary.

Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine
Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine
Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine

(above & below) Also featured in the magazine is a chapter? from Oyama Takumi’s Ghost In The Shell Arise manga adaptation. I’ve not read this yet ( has anyone ? ) but the art work seems pretty good.

Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine
Batou Illustration Katusya Terada Young Magazine

You can purchase a copy of this Young Magazine from Amazon Japan. (There are some gravure pin-ups on the first few pages but no nudity.)

Also be sure to check out the superb Ghost In The Shell Genga collection art book and Katsuya Terada’s Dragon Girl And Monkey King art book if you haven’t already.

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6 Responses to “Batou (GITS) Illustration By Katsuya Terada”


This is insane!


Will you be doing a review of the new GITS 1995 blu-ray?

If so, I’m looking forward to it!

racky rachman

moebius’ influence is apparent. What a great style he had given to the art world. Even giants like Terada and Otomo are indebted to him.


that batou is great, always love terada`s drawings.

I wanted to ask you if you have any idea how to get all those self published kill la kill books:

is there anyone who carries them within your channels? thanks!


i wonder how Terada ended making a cover Batou. I mean, he did some work for The legend of Zelda and some fanarts of Evangelion i thinks, but never of GITS.


DISTRAKT – Oh yes. :]

GITS_Fanatic – I’ll be getting the blu-ray when it comes down to a good price, so maybe I’ll do a review then !

racky rachman – Can’t agree more. When I see Otomo, Terada, Miyazaki and Yukito Kishiro (Battle Angel Alita) I see the influence of Moebius’s work in all of them.

luca – I believe there are some marketplace sellers on Amazon Japan that sell at least some of those books, although you’ll need a reshipping service as they likely won’t ship outside of Japan. If you know how to navigate Yahoo Japan auctions I’m very sure you can find these books on auction there as well too.

whitezero – This Batou piece is one off I think, a guest art work as a tribute for the 25th anniversary of the GITS manga. :]