Wolf Children Storyboard Book Review

Posted By yonghow on May 17th, 2013

This book collects the complete production storyboards for Mamoru Hosoda’s anime film Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki). Read also the amazing art book for the film here.

Storyboards are supporting materials use to aid the completion of a film and are not always drawn/polished to high detail/quality, but what a happy bonus when it is ! This is certainly true of all the storyboards drawn by Miyazaki-san.

(above & below) The children’s recurring transformation from human to wolf and back allows for one many comedic opportunities, but as the film progresses it takes on a darker tone as they struggle to integrate with society.

The accompanying text that comes with each panel contains a short description of the action, dialogue, sound effects and sometimes additional notes by the director that gives you deeper insight into the motivation of the scene.

There is also an interview with the director Mamoru Hosoda regarding his style of storyboarding, found at the end of the book. (in Japanese only) I’ve yet to read the entire interview, but in the first question Hosoda-san reveals that all the storyboards prior to this film was drawn not in the studio or at home, but instead in a family-styled restaurant. ( Restaurants like Jonathans or Saizeriya operate 24/7 and allow customers to dwell for extended hours. )

A great companion to the fantastic art book for an animated film that is equally amazing. Recommended.

Also available are storyboard books for Mamoru Hosoda’s earlier films Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

“Wolf Children Storyboard Book” details :

- Dimensions – 8.4 x 5.9 x 1.3 inches
- Softcover, 496 pages
- Black & White, in Japanese

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Thank you Yonghow-san for nice reviews.
Wolf Children is a very good movie, I like it. ^^

I was surprised to know where Hosoda-san drew this storyboards.
Family-styled restaurant for Family-styled story (of Hana and children)…
Wow~ they are a match! (Do you agree with that? ^^)


haha loved the haoooooooooooooooooo!


haha love the haoooooooooooooooooo!


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