Warcraft : ILM Visual Effects

Posted By yonghow on May 19th, 2016

Warcraft : ILM Visual Effects

With less than a month to its theatrical release Legendary is really ramping up the online marketing for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft film. One of them is this short but interesting clip featuring the work done by ILM ( Industrial Light & Magic ) :

Here’s another one showcasing Orgrim Doomhammer, one of the lead orcs in the film. I managed to work on a couple of his shots while I was at ILM so I’m pretty happy :

Warcraft hits theatres around 10th June in most countries. The intricate details of the orc creature designs and massive world created for the film can only be fully appreciated on the big screen, so I hope readers will catch it at the cinema. :]

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Movie looks astounding. I still somewhat wish the movie was 100% CGI, but it doesn’t take away my excitement to see this.


You’re brilliant!


martin/DISTRAKT – Thanks ! Looking forward to watching the film on the big screen too. :]