Upcoming anime films 3 – Genius Party 2

Posted By yonghow on October 16th, 2007

Genius Party 2 ( also known as Genius Party Beyond ) is the second installment of an anthology of 14 animation shorts, with each segment directed by top animation directors like Morimoto Koji, Kimura Shinji, Yuasa Masaaki and Mahiro Maeda. Given that new work by any single one of these directors is reason for excitement, the chance to watch all 14 shorts collectively is fantastic news indeed. The 7 shorts that will appear in Genius Party 2 are :

– “Gala” by Mahiro Maeda
– “Tojin Kit” by Tatsuyuki Tanaka
– “Wanwa, the Puppy” by Shinya Ohira
– “Dimension Bomb” by Koji Morimoto
– “Moon Drive” by Kazuto Nakazawa
– “Le Manchot Mélomane” by Nicolas by Crécy
– (Untitled) by Hiro Yamagata

I am especially keen on catching Tojin Kit(陶人キット, top picture), directed by one of my favourite Japanese illustrators Tanaka Tatsuyuki, ( author of Cannabis Works – read the book review here. ), but from what I’ve seen in the trailers none of the rest seem likely to disappoint either.

(above) A Genius Party booth in Kichijoji, with framed autographed T-shirts by each director from the first 7 shorts. The purple shirted is autographed by Kimura Shinji, art director for Tekkon Kinkreet.

Official website : http://genius-party.jp/
Production company : Studio 4°C

Two Making of official artbooks ( for the Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond ) are also available.

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tragic comedy

i like the look of the third screenshot..
which short is that?(the one wiht the aparrtment flats


tragic comedy – I believe that is segment no 4 from the first Genius Party, “Doorbell” by Yoji Fukushima.


is the first geniues party on dvd yet?
i would really love it get it!
so which one is the winner from the open contest?


Nope, I don’t think its out yet alright. There might be a chance they would want to release both parts 1 and 2 together as a boxset, been Studio 4 and all.


woo nice works… personally hoping to learn all this kind of work…


Hello JasLorMee ! Are you an animation student ? :]


Yeah… currently studying in Singapore’s macpherson ITE Digital Animation course, 1year sadly…


1st yearer… 2year course…


Hey, 2 years is a decent amount of time to pick up good skills. :] Does the course have a website ?


the main ITE site…

well decent course… teaching basics or more like general stuffs.
at least i learn photoshopping in this course… now moving to toonboom.


:] Sounds like a great course. Hope you see you guys’works soon !


well same here… hope so ])


any idea when genius party hits dvd? I am craving the special edition…


jimi – My eyes are on the lookout, always. :] Will let you folks know when there’s any news of that. :]


yeah the entire thing lives up to its name.very good styles/alot of my favorites are there.but im about Kimura Shinji


Kimura Shinji is an absolute genius ! :]

Andrew Hake

I love the first collection of shorts. and I am still dieing inside that I haven’t got to see the real big hitters in Genius Party Beyond.

I am still so excited to see Tojin Kit and Dimension Bomb I am constantly out on the web checking for any updates in availability.

It looks like DVDs will be out sometime this month right?


I found your blog on google Great Info and great anime lovers. I just added you to my Google News Reader 🙂 Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.


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