Totoro Forest Project

Posted By yonghow on July 13th, 2008

The Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort and fundraising exhibition aimed at preserving Sayama Forest, also known as Totoro Forest, where legendary animator/director Miyazaki Hayao got his inspiration for Totoro, one of the most beloved characters in animation history.

Over 200 internationally acclaimed artists will be contributing their unique artwork for this fundraising event, with the proceeds going to the Totoro Forest Fundation. For more information, (and also tons of jawdropping artwork ) please visit the official Totoro Forest Project website and also Enrico Casarosa’s blog.

(above illustration by Dice Tsutsumi.)

ps On a purely coincidental note, my good friends Takeshi+Kojima have recently moved to Sayama City, perhaps when autumn arrive we should head into Totoro Forest for some trekking…

Update : Check out this later post for some tasty illustrations from inside the Totoro Forest Artbook.


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Hey, thanks for pointing this out!
Their website is chock full of awesome art – took me a good 30 minutes to check it all out.


Thanks for visiting my blog! Did you find me through the Totoro Forest Project somehow? Will you be at the auction later this year? I must try to find your piece on the Totoro project website now!

Harry D.

This is just totally awesome

tragic comedy

i wonder if we could somehow contribute…


Americanjin – Thanks for visiting ! I still haven’t finished looking at all those great artwork !

amelia – Hey there, unfortunately I am not part of the project, but for such a worthy cause I’m happy enough to help spread the news. :]

Harry D – Ditto !

tragic comedy – I think they’ve already stopped accepting artwork, apparently the response was really overwhelming !


The exhibition’s going to be held at Pixar Animations Studio, the place I can only dream of going.


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