The Art of Totoro – The Storyboard Book

Posted By yonghow on February 6th, 2011

What praises can be sung of this legendary Ghibli film that has not yet been mentioned ? Watching this film fills me with a soaring sense of pure bliss and innocence I have never experienced with any other film. ( except maybe for Ponyo, to a somewhat lesser effect. )

Just like the other storyboards Miyazaki-san drew for his films, Totoro’s boards are meticulously detailed, complete with juicy bits of additional information that accompany each panel.

(above) One of my favourite scenes in the film – An invisible force in the guise of a strong billow of wind blows asunder the firewood that Satsuki’s has collected, a subtle hint of the amazing creatures that she and Mei will soon come to meet.

(above) The bus stop scene with Satsuki and Mei standing beside Totoro must be one of the most iconic anime images ever created.

(below) The storyboard book also comes with a bonus chapter drawn by Miyazaki-san, which is actually a lesson in camera techniques for 2D animation, as well as the tricks used to convey light and darkness in cells. Great stuff.

(above) The book comes with a protective cardboard slipcase.

My Neighbour Totoro – The Storyboard Book details :

– Dimensions – 8.6 x 6.4 x 1.2 inches
– 432 pages
– Soft cover with cardboard slipcase
– Black and White,  in Japanese

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4 Responses to “The Art of Totoro – The Storyboard Book”


tottoro was my very first ghibli’s movie. I remember watching it at school. Also Laputa.


i like that these books are available, i just don’t know how much i would like to own them. i love their movies, and i love seeing insights into these kinds of things, but one could lose a small fortune buying all the books Studio Ghibli releases about it’s films.


whitezero – its a great start – Miyazaki-san is now making a Porco Rosso sequel, how exciting is that !!

Zack – Haha…I know how much I like to own them…and yes, a small fortune has indeed been spent on these beautiful books. (x____x)”’


As a HUGE Totoro fan (You wanna see an unhealthy obsession used to air out unhealthy aggravation? See my blog!), I’ve been debating buying this book for a li’l while now. Your review is the first I’ve found that actually showed a nice chunk of the book. I’m now leaning towards a purchase, but I still have one question: Are the many (any?) deleted scenes shown in the book? Thanks for your help!