Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition – A Preview

Posted By yonghow on July 20th, 2008

Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition

Its a bumper summer for art exhibitions, first up with the Inoue Takehiko The LAST Manga Exhibition, the upcoming Vermeer exhibition in August, and now this. Following the hugely successful Kazuo Oga Background Art Exhibition held in summer last year, Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art and Studio Ghibli are back once again this year – with the Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition. The tagline for the exhibition boldly reads “Understanding the secrets of Takahata/Miyazaki’s animation”.

Expression, background, movement – the Layout is the blueprint for the animation film, showing all instructions. In the first endeavor of its kind in Japan, Studio Ghibli will join MOT in exploring the power and fascination of the anime movies of Takahata and Miyazaki through some 1,300 layouts for films ranging from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to their new film scheduled for release this summer, Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea.

(below) A sneak peek at some of the layouts appearing in the exhibition.

Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition

(below) Goro Miyazaki ( Miyazaki-san’s son ) even illustrated a beautiful comic to explain what an animation layout is. Brilliant ! ( Click on the image for a larger version. )

Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition

The Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition will be on from the 26th of July to the 28th of September, so if you happen to be in Tokyo within this time period, you know where to go. Tickets to the exhibition MUST be purchased beforehand from any LAWSON convenience store.

I’ve posted a follow-up article on my visit to this exhibition, read it here.

You can purchase the Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition art book from Amazon Japan |

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14 Responses to “Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition – A Preview”


Yay! I got my ticket thanks to a friend in Tokyo… and Yes! I’m looking forward to check this amazing exhibition!

Harry D.

Words can not describe how jealous I am right now 🙂

If they only would release something like this in bookform….

tragic comedy

If only i had the time to go…


nyuudo – Congrats ! Just got my tickets too, can’t wait. :]

Harry D. / tragic comedy – I’m pretty sure they’ll be releasing a book… :]


Miyazaki = god


Hi, the artbook is fantastic and the exibition had great success but it ends this weekend: any possibility of extension?


Leo – Hey there, sometimes popular exhibitions here do get extensions, but at the time I am writing this there is still no word of any extension of the exhibition date, so the chances are quite small. Did you manage to get the book ?


Friends of mine are planning a journey to Japan for the next month. I love all your photos of the book and I’d like to buy it but the texts are all in Japanese, I suppose (and I can’t read it!). Of course, also shipping and customs make the cost too high for me at the moment ;(
I have bookmarked several items, waiting for better days.


Hi, do you still have the ghibli layout design?


I actually caught the show in 2008 through the kindness of the woman at the ticket counter (and it was early in the day). I didn’t know about the advance ticketing. It was definitely something but a bit overwhelming with so much page sized pencil art filling gallery after gallery.


Could someone please have mercy and translate Goro’s tutorial for us non-Japanese-speaking mortals, even just roughly? I could not thank you enough for that!


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