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My talented colleagues at Sony Imageworks are now hard at work on the upcoming Spider-man : Into The Spider-verse animated film. Check out the first teaser below –

There are some shots in the teaser where the animation has that really snappy quality, likely animated on 2s, and I love it. The stylized, comic feel to the visuals is looking amazing too. I’m hoping to jump onto this project once I’m finished with my current show.


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“…likely animated on 2s…”

I had a question about this when i saw it, (i know very little about animation techniques)
When he’s airborne and flailing about, it looks very snappy yet fluid.
But on the close-up, as soon as he removes his mask, it gets weirdly choppy to my eye.

What’s happening there? Is that the “2s” thing? Is each frame being appearing twice?


This is one of the rare superhero films I was looking forward to. As soon as they announced Phil Lord and Chris Miller was developing an animated Spider-man film, I was ecstatic. I’m a big fan of them and I believed they can do a fantastic Spider-man film, plus I think Spider-man lends himself well to animation more than most superheros.
I’m glad the teaser looks inspired. Has a very hip look to it. My only nitpicks is the chromatic aberration, which I feel is overdone at this point and like other people mentioned the animation on 2s (even 3s and 4s it seems) is not agreeing with me. I’m assuming they went for the lower frame rate to simulate stop-motion and maybe student/independent films. If it is to solely imitate stop-motion, I feel like the character models shouldn’t look like CG character models but look like stop-motion models. This Sprite commercial is something I had in mind of lower frame rate CG animation – http://www.cartoonbrew.com/advertising/aardman-nathan-love-animates-cg-lebron-james-stop-motion-vibe-155117.html

I also thought of the Peanuts CG animated film. I thought the lower frame rates in that film worked great because the character models look more abstract than the norm.

Regardless, I’m still excited for the film and I believe the filmmakers will probably change my mind on the lower frame rate. Case in point, when Spidey jumps in front of the bus and you briefly get impact frames of a more illustrative/graphic Spidey. Thats where it looks great at a lower frame rate as opposed to it being on 1s.


When I saw this teaser I fell in love with the art style! Such snappy animation and feel!

I’m currently working on the new Spiderman game at Insomniac Games and the guys I work with and I here were really jazzed to see this coming out.

Our game is in the hyper-real vein and though I love working on it it would be great to really stretch some stylized creative muscles on something like this.


Scott – Yes, that’s basically what’s happening, the animation holds for 2 frames before the next key comes in. The animation in this film is likely been done using multiple frame rates, which is why some look snappy, others quite smooth.

Martin – I don’t believe the filmmakers are out to mimic the look of stop motion animation, more likely to achieve that snappy look. I was a little thrown by the chromatic aberration at first too, but it is a really an early teaser and the film is a year away, so the look is still been refined I’m sure.

JohnnyLA – Wow, you guys are doing amazing work on the game as well ! I really love the cinematic look and fluidity of the stuff I’ve seen.

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