Slam Dunk 10 Days After – The Complete Edition Book Review

Posted By yonghow on April 14th, 2009

Earlier this year I posted an article on Inoue Takehiko’s special Slam Dunk Exhibition – “10 Days After”, a short continuation of his Slam Dunk manga after the final book 31.

Although the contents of this short story was release in the form of a cardboard set  a few years ago, it sold out almost immediately and has been a collector’s item ever since, frustrating many fans who wanted a copy to complete their Slam Dunk collection. It seems that Inoue-san has finally heard the pleas of his fans and very recently re-released “10 Days After – The Complete Edition”, jumbo sized.

(above) Sakuragi’s “The Complete Edition” (完全版 – pronounced “Karn-zen-barn”) seal of approval. In Japan the three words “The Complete Edition” is used very often to describe books and dvds, and sometimes misleading and irresponsibly because it drives sales – anyone interested in the said product is tempted to get “The Complete Edition”, even though the contents may not be that complete. (just like many US movie dvds are labelled “Special Collector’s edition”, when there’s nothing remotely special about them.)

Did I mention that the book is huge ? At 41cm by 30cm its closer to the size of a pinup calender than an average book you can fit on a bookshelf, and is rather flimsy and awkward to handle due to the soft-cover binding. The reproductions of the chalkboard drawings (see above) however, are crisp and make for easy reading.

(above right) Akira Sendoh, my favorite character from the manga also makes an appearance. And who would your favourite Slam Dunk character be ? (below) Sakuragi’s favourite line – “Because I’m a genius”. Is that how its translated in the english version ?

(above) Sketches of the charaters that you can use as posters. I left my Wacom pen in there so that you can have a rough gauge of the book’s size. ( Do note that the book is presented in a landscape format, rather than portrait; I tilted the book so that I can get the right orientation for the picture. )

(above) Hurrah ! English transcripts for all the dialogue !

You can get a copy of the book here. Fans might also be interested in the “Slam Dunk – 10 Days After” making of dvd”, which also contains all the exhibition panels in a slideshow format.


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I don’t really know much artists who has that level of draftsmanship with chalk, considering they’re all crisp, minimal linework and of a realistic tone. Does anybody know if they ever published an artbook for his work on The Last Odyssey?


The only Book they published for Last odyssey from his work is the strategy guide wich has like only 10 pics from his work and thats it, as far as I understood from some old article he can’t show his work from Last odyssey because of the games companie legal rights forbid him without consent from them which he apparently doesn’t have for some reason…


Ah! Thanks for replying to my slightly off-topic question! Such a pity, I really like his work on that despite not ever playing it or having a Xbox 360.


weigy/orentt – Hmm I wonder if his work on The Last Odyssey will fill up an entire artbook, but I’m certainly not complaining if there’s going to be one ! :]


i wonder if it would be sold here in the Philippines -_- i like to have one toinks XD


Just love Slam Dunk manga, and also the anime!!!
In mexico was transmited in 1995 in broadcast TV i think, but only until the game with shoyo… buu!

A friend of mine revived this slam dunk fanatism and began to look for the manga here in mexico, we achieved to get it and the complete episodes of the anime also, not until 2005 we watched everyting. (101 anime chapters and here in america 31 manga volumes)

Also bought the “10 days DVD” and for a mistake of mine missed the “cardbox cards”. Now i get two copys of this great book, i hope i can give it to her very soon.

I LOVE hanamichi´s history, behind all that blabbing is a very smart and talented persona.

Ohh! and yes it is translated as: “Because I’m a genius” in english, and in spanish says: “Porque soy un genio”


I just completed it. It’s really awesome to see what happened after the end of the manga. All of them are still the same old them lol.


i can’t wait if there would really be a part two of the slamdunk but there maybe a big diffrence now from the first part because akagi and kogure are now graduating and my big question is that sakuragi will always be as funny as ever and does sakuragi ang haruku will become lovers and what would happen to rukawa is he and sakuragi will become a rival as always? and how about miyagi and ayoko will also be in relationship and mitsui is he gonna find a gf? what would be the team shohuko new look?


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