Ponyo on the Cliff Art Exhibition at the Ghibli Museum – Preview

Posted By yonghow on May 18th, 2009

Despite the sweltering heat and stinging mosquito bites, summer time in Tokyo is always exciting because of the numerous art exhibitions in store (timed to coincide with the school summer holidays, I think) – for example the most amazing Kazuo Oga Background Art Exhibition in 2007 and the Ghibli Studio Layout Designs Exhibition held last year, just to name a few.

This summer, Ghibli Museum in Mitaka will launch the “Ponyo on the Cliff Art Exhibition – Moviemaking with Pencils”. The exhibition is “a celebration of the fundamentals of traditional animation – creating moving visuals using simple pictures and tools, with minimal aid of digital technology.” – the very idea Miyazaki-san had in his mind when he set out to make “Ponyo on the Cliff“. While the official Ghibli website provided no details on the actual number of artpieces on exhibit, visitors can expect to see concept and background art from the film, as well as original animation drawings and layout boards.

For a taste of what you can expect to see at the exhibition, be sure to check out some of the gorgeous artwork from Ponyo in my earlier posts, The art of Ponyo Part I : Storyboards The Art of Ponyo Part II : Concept and Background Art, and some select Ponyo layout boards from the Ghibli Studio Layout Designs Exhibition. (see pictures below)

Many of the artwork shown above will no doubt be on show at the exhibition. If you think they look great in the pictures above, wait till you see the original pieces. I can’t wait ! :]

The exhibition is housed within Ghibli Museum itself, so you need only the museum entry ticket ( 1000 yen ) to gain admission – What a steal ! Don’t forget to catch one of these amazing shorts at the Saturn Theater too !

I’ll be sure to post more pictures from the exhibition (opening 23rd May) after my visit, but more importantly, has everyone here watched Ponyo ?

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Woaw such a nice book. I see that Ghibli still has that beautiful water colors. Good good stuff…..

tragic comedy

Its a totally random show, but enjoyable nontheless.


the film was slightly “unpredictable”/”weird”, but its underlying theme was really pure, a theme i enjoy and is consistent in all miyazaki’s films (which is also a good thing)


NoOooooOoOoO.. have not had the chance to watch it yet… sniffle*
shall make it a point to grab a dvd soon! such pretty detailing as usual


Don´t watch Ponyo yet, but i´ll fix that issue soon; i went to Ghibli Museum last year (2008), what i like the most was the area that looks like a traditional animation studios, with all this art on the walls and the old fashioned animation tables with hand-draw animations on them, was great!

this exhibition seems really something, so privileged to be in tokio to watch it.

greetings from Mexico City!!


FAbrice – You can always trust Miyazaki-san to deliver beautiful artwork. :]

tragic comedy – Definitely attending. :]

TDD – Yup, personally it was closest film to Totoro so far.

Lynn – dvd’s arriving in July !

rulascalaca – Hello there, which short film did you catch at the museum ?


i watched “Koro’s Big Day Out”, lovely short.
i can´t believe i was there. jejeje.
I bought Koro´s plush of course 🙂


Japanese are very good, really good job.


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