Perfect Blue limited edition dvd

Posted By yonghow on March 13th, 2008

(above) The dvd jacket illustration for Kon Satoshi’s recently released Perfect Blue limited edition dvd. This arrived quite a while back but I’ve been far too busy to write about it. I hope no one is offended by the rather risque picture; its after all, done in very good taste.

(above) Box cover. That banding on the cover picture isn’t moire but the result of a 2D holographic image, view the box from either the left or right and you see 2 different cover designs. The design on the back is a semi nude/full frontal nude version of the top picture of this post, so I figured best not to post it.

Contents of the boxset includes the clear plastic keepcase for the dvd, and the storyboard book. I figured Geneon didn’t go all out like they did for Kon’s previous dvd releases because Perfect Blue is quite an old film and might not sell as well. I hope to watch the “making of” on the dvd the first chance I have.

(Below) Some samples of the storyboards inside the book.

I remember watching Perfect Blue for the first time during the Animation Fiesta 2000 in Singapore and getting blown away completely. Kon Satoshi then went on to bring us such amazing works like Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika and Millenium Actress, the last one been my favourite still.

Madhouse is right across the street from our studio so we’ve seen the man around on more than one occassion; for someone as famous and talented you’d expect him to cruise around in a Porsche or something, but no, Kon Satoshi takes the train home, just like most of us little people do. Respect.

You can get the Perfect Blue dvd boxset here, or the blu-ray version here.


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Could you tell us whether the re-release has been digitally remastered? Or is this DVD just the original 1998 animation with some extras?


Sorry – 1997


Leon – Hey there, this is indeed a hi-definition remaster.


I haven’t heard of Perfect Blue. I shall go check it out later! Thanks! I loved Paprika though!!


Ivy – You might find it a wee bit disturbing…but please do ! :]


If I could handle Death Note, I think I can handle this. *I think*

But Death Note wasn’t scary because of the story, it was because I realized how similar I was to Light-kun in terms of our intentions. o.O Fortunately, I don’t have the criminal plotting mind to carry plans out like his.


I was at Madhouse two weeks ago…bumped into Masao Maruyama-sensei. He looked like a character that walked out of Tezuka’s manga


one – Most exciting ! :] Are you already here for the Anime Convention ?


I’ll be in on the 28th…will be visting Yoyogi Animation Gakuin and Telecom Anime. 29th is supposed to be a own-time own-target. 30th is TAF and then the flight home on the same day.


Guess I’ll be missing TAF twice in a row as I’m stuck in the studio…have a great time ! Will look forward to your blog coverage. :]


Does the limited Version of “Perfect Blue” , Include any kind of subtitles ? .. I am a huge fan of Satoshi kon and i worship every single masterpiece he created , But -Alas- I can’t speak Japanese and nor understand it :(. So i am hoping this release of perfect blue will include some sort of subtitles otherwise i don’t think it’s worth purchasing to me.

I love your photos :)!


NixO-san – Unfortunately I believe there are no subtitles of any kind on this dvd. :[ There’s the old US version if you want to get it though.


Hi, do you know if they sell the BluRay edition of this collection set? Is it worth to buy it, and does it have more bonus material that the other old US dvd?

Bitter Lix

Ai ai ai… this packaging blows me away!


I recently saw a new DVD release of Perfect Blue in Australia. It claimed to have a running time of 150 minutes (which I suspect is the feature plus extras since the original film had a running time around 80 minutes). Does anybody know if this is actually some sort of “extended edition”?
Thanks for the write-up of this movie, Yonghow. It amazes me how many anime fans haven’t seen Perfect Blue or have no knowledge of Satoshi Kon. There are certain films that change a person’s perspective of cinema and Perfect Blue was one such film for me. Unlike a lot of anime which is influenced by Osamu Tezuka and Walt Disney, Perfect Blue’s major influences are Hitchcock, David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Dario Argento. I consider to be not only one of the greatest animes ever but one of the greatest films of any type.


Looks awesome, love the packaging … will need to find one … just hate shelling out $100 for one release. Anyone have a line on one? Also, does the blu ray release have the same artwork on cover/backcover? thanks.

tony chang

Question, is this package from japan have english subtitles? Want to get it if there is eng subbies. Thanks.


Hello there Tony, unfortunately I do not think they have english subtitles. :[


Hey could you give a link to where i could buy the dvd with that book cause i want the story boards… I don’t mind if the dvd is in Japanese or not. plz get back to me when you can.


Wow, amazing. Are all the subtitles in English?


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