Otomo Katsuhiro’s Short Peace Blu-ray & Art Book

Posted By yonghow on September 29th, 2013

Bandai Visual has announced the blu-ray and art book for Otomo Katsuhiro’s omnibus animated film Short Peace. The blu-ray will be released on the 16th of January 2014 and will come in 2 versions, regular and a special limited edition. The art book will be released on Christmas 2013. More details below.

The regular edition (see top image for disc cover art) will come with just the film, with TV spots and trailers. Priced at 6090 4469 Yen on Amazon Japan.

The special edition (image above), which will be in production for only a year, (10290 7549 Yen on Amazon Japan) will have these extras :

1) Custom blu-ray case, with special inner jacket illustration by Kawamura Kosuke.
2) “Extras” Booklet
3) Supplementary Blu-ray disc, including an interview with the director(s), film release conference footage (possibly this one), digital gallery with storyboards, character and settei sheets, TV Spots, trailers.

On the matter of subtitles – Interestingly, despite scanning the official homepage, and several other Japanese sources, there is not one site indicating any form of subtitling on the films. From the track record of past Japanese blu-ray releases, it is best to assume that there will be NO English subtitles unless specifically stated. ( I’ll try to update this information if possible )

For the art book (3150 Yen on Amazon Japan), a caveat as well – The materials in the book only cover content from Farewell To Weapons and Hiyoujin (don’t ask me why). Content in the 152 pages book includes :

– Farewell to Weapons manga
– Farewell to Weapons manga gallery, including character/settei sheets
– Farewell to Weapons (film) character/settei sheets – see this older post for a preview.
– Farewell to Weapons script + Storyboards ( I’m assuming excerpts only )
– A conversation with Otomo Katsuhiro + Katoki Hajime
– Farewell to Weapons manga (English version)
– Hiyoujin storyboards (again, excerpts only, I assume)
– Hiyoujin art gallery including image (concept) boards, character and settei sheets – see this older post for a preview.

The official cover art of the book has yet to be released.

Here are the purchase links if you want to go ahead and make pre-orders. I’m pretty sure the limited edition Short Peace blu-ray will sell out fairly fast –

Short Peace blu-ray (regular edition)
Short Peace blu-ray (special limited edition)
Short Peace art book


5 Responses to “Otomo Katsuhiro’s Short Peace Blu-ray & Art Book”


Just noticed this today on amazon….

I don’t believe that the book is meant to be for SHORT PEACE; rather, it’s a deluxe re-release of the original manga by Otomo. This time in a larger format with a bunch of extras related to the anime adaptation.

Considering the English version in available in Kaba, Memories, and was also printed by Epic Comics, it hardly seems necessary but I suppose the larger format will be nice!


Josh – I think its kinda a mix of both – a re-release of Farewell To Weapons as you mentioned, and it also has art work from 2 of the shorts from Short Peace, Farewell To Weapons and Hiyoujin.

I was hoping there would be an art book that would cover materials from all the shorts, but that’s looking unlikely now.


I guess it’s easier to just release a book related to just the two Otomo segments…which works for me actually!

I have to be totally honest…I really disliked Gambo!! When I get the DVD I’ll most likely skip that chapter!


Seems like the Blu-ray is only in Japanese audio and subtitle.


i’m still waiting on this one. Got the english version with no extras 🙁