Otomo Katsuhiro Genga Exhibition

Posted By yonghow on January 26th, 2012

Oh my gosh this is such good news I can barely contain my excitement !

From the 9th of April – 30th of May 2012 a major exhibition showcasing Otomo’s key animation drawings from the many films throughout his (thus far) illustrious career will be held at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda Centre in Tokyo, Japan.

Back in 2007 I had the great fortitude of meeting Otomo-san while working on Freedom Project, where he was the character/mecha designer.

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but I’m currently making plans to head down to Tokyo in April so that I can catch the exhibition.

There’s a fair bit of information on the website but I don’t have time to translate all of it right now, so do check back again for more details. I will try to update and translate as and when more details are available.

Some quick bullet points :

– ticket at 1500 yen
– Unpublished work featured in Kaba 2 will also be on show.
– is a charity event with 30% of ticket proceeds to help the 3/11 quake victims.
– more to come.

In the meantime, check out the official website here. Also be sure to check out Otomo’s new art book Kaba 2.


14 Responses to “Otomo Katsuhiro Genga Exhibition”

Harry Dechering

Too bad I live 9000 kilometers from Tokyo. I hope there will be some kind of booklet from the exhibition.


This is extremely exciting indeed. Wonder if anybody is looking for travel mates for this.


I would be very interested in a exhibition catalogue 😉


I would be very interested in an exhibition catalogue 😉


If you go , try to take a lot of pictures for the ones who can´t go 😉


Looking forward to Kaba2! and hopefully a catalogue for this since it’ll be hard to try and go to the actual exhibit.


ah Mr Vong, Let me know if u r going! Its sakura season too. Time for more ramen!


ah, man. i was in Japan last Spring, i really wish this was going on then. i’m going to be there again in October, so i’m going to see if i can find any exhibits then. Otomo amazes me to no end.


is there any chance that if you make it to this you could pick me up a poster of that? i would gladly pay you to ship it and for the expense of getting/purchasing one. i am very serious!!!!!!


I’d love to check this out. Mr. Otomo is easily one of my favorite artists from any era.


Will keep a lookout for the poster if I do get to go. Fingers crossed ! :]


they are all officially crossed as of the end of this sentence. also, Kaba 2 out today!!!!!


looks like they will be releasing a 256 page catalogue at the exhibition. I saw it over at their blog, here’s the link for more details http://www.otomo-gengaten.jp/news/?p=217


Oh man….i wanna go……