Mecha Mania Part II

Posted By yonghow on June 24th, 2008

Continuing from Mecha Mania Part I, (above and below) mecha design from Armored Core.

(below) Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell SAC. Teraoka Kenji, who also worked on mecha designs for Code Geass, Gundam 00, talks about his work on Tachikomas.

(below) Yamane kimtoshi, mecha designer for Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Gundam Seed.

Those who are interested in Yamane’s mecha works might want to check out his mecha design works artbook.

Read part I of this article here. You can grab a copy of the magazine here.


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tragic comedy

whoa solid drafting skills…


Kimitoshi Yamane Mecha Zukan is an incredible book with unbelievable designs!! check it out!!


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