Mecha Mania Part I : Animation Note April 2008

Posted By yonghow on June 9th, 2008

The 2008 April edition of アニメーションノート ( Animation Note ), a quarterly Japanese animation magazine featuring “top creators and workflows” is a bumper issue packed full of goodies for mecha fans :

There’s a comprehensive feature on the concept and design work from Macross F, and interviews with mecha designer Shoji Kawamori. ( below )

Now he seems to be holding what looks like a fully transformable Messiah fighter prototype toy, which is the coolest. ( below ) Some concept sketches and behind the scenes from the CG layout.

Next up we have mecha by Okubo Junji, who is the author of the highly acclaimed mecha design book “Industrial Divinities” and also worked on the bots in Capcom’s “Steel Battalion”. I’m thinking of writing a post on that book in the future too, though its not exactly new. Very, very nice robots indeed.

More delicious mecha from GITS SAC, Armored Core coming up in Part II.

You can grab a copy of the magazine here.

Continue reading Part II of this article.


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10 Responses to “Mecha Mania Part I : Animation Note April 2008”

tragic comedy

Time to grab one from Kinokuniya here, then…I want the first issue though as it had an article on Background painting and Makoto Shinkai…its sold out here…


tragic comedy – Perhaps you can try ordering it from the Japanese counter. :]


Okubo creates extremely insane mech designs.

The new street fighter 4 look great! Love the footage they’ve added to their website.


Gerald – Yes indeed. I really like the new look they have given to the Street Fighter series.


Oh man, I love Animation Note. Its by far my favorite anime related magazine, since it deals with more industry style articles. Can’t wait to pick it up!


CMWilly – Let me know if you have any problems securing a copy, I’ll snatch one for you.


Thanks Yonghow!


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