Kon Satoshi prefers Sapporo Beer

Posted By yonghow on September 28th, 2007

Sometimes while eating my lunch or dinner I would let my mind drift and imagine that the fella sitting next to me in the shop relishing his Tonkatsu set meal might just be an animator working on Denno Coil, maybe even Mitsuo Iso himself; because Madhouse is located just across the street from where we are in Ogikubo. Well, not that I could have recognized him anyway; but Kon Satoshi I could.

The director’s trademark long hair gave him away immediately as we stepped into Fune, ( 船、meaning boat ) a quaint little restaurant we frequent that serves excellent croquette meals. We speculated that the lady he was dining with is his wife, “Mistress,” my colleague quipped. The man spoke in soft tones as he sipped from his Sapporo bottle, a pensive look on his face. Then he lit up a cigarette, just like what Miyazaki Hayao did.

Perhaps he was brainstorming ideas for his next animation film -I can’t wait.

(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

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Mmm… No more Absinthe or LSD for super creation. Nowadays is Sapporo! Great! we got a witness! … Just one question left, Kirin or Yebisu work the same?


holy shit!

u met Kon Satoshi!

I was backtracking his works the recent days.
Gosh! I thought Perfect Blue was so DAMN GOOD. He is damn good with taking his audience for a roller coaster trip and bring them back to the real plot. A real storytelling sensei.

I saw a lot of parallels with Perfect Blue and Paprika. But I still prefer Paprika. haha!


nyuudo – Personally I kinda like Sapporo too. :]

fartboy – I too was blown away by Perfect Blue when I first watched it in Animation fiesta 2000, and have been a fan since. All of his works are excellent, but I have to say my favourite has to be either Tokyo Godfathers or Millenium Actress.


Wow. If you work hard enough, you can have a mistress too!


Woah…don’t know how I missed this post.

That’s pretty epic! I would’ve been tempted to try and secretly snap a few shots. 😉


Me too ! But we were just in the next table and it would have been far too conspicuous.