KINGSGLAIVE FFXV – The Yakitori Chef Side Story

Posted By yonghow on January 11th, 2017

Kingsglaive FFXV - The Yakitori Guy Chef Story

In an early scene in Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV, several of the lead characters including Nix, Libertus and Crowe are out having supper at an outdoor Yakitori eatery. Libertus complains to the chef about the quality of the food, which begs the question; where exactly does he get his ingredients for his Yakitori ? This short film will shed some light –

If you’ve yet to see Kingsglaive, I highly recommend it – the story isn’t the easiest to follow, but the visuals are outstanding, especially the final battle sequence. The blu-ray is available from Amazon for a relatively low price.

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that was too awesome! Was watching advent children last night the camera movements had the head spinning a bit. Kingsglaive was real tight!