Kickstart Masaaki Yuasa’s Anime Short Kick Heart

Posted By yonghow on October 5th, 2012

This Kickstarter project has been generating quite a bit of buzz among the animation community online recently, and I figured I do my tiny part to help spread the word as well.

“Kick Heart” is a planned 2D animated short written and (to be) directed by Masaaki Yuasa, who previously bought us the critically acclaimed film Mind Game. ( read about my praises for this film on this older post. ) The project is hoping to reach the minimum required pledge of $150,000 ( $70.000 reached at time of writing ) to be funded for production, with a due date set on the 31st of October 2012.

The minimum pledge starts at only $1, and for pledges of $60 or more you will receive a blu-ray of the completed film as well, amongst other goodies.  There are a couple of different pledge packages you can choose from, including the top package of $10.000, which will grant you a private tour of Production I.G and dinner with Yuasa-san.

These days high quality and innovative 2D animated films are becoming more and more of a rarity, so let’s help support the filmmakers and artists to realize these films so that we can all get to enjoy them.

For more information on Kick Heart or to submit a pledge, visit the Kick Starter Project page here :

And here’s the official Kick Heart Twitter account :

Lastly, please do help spread the word on this project. If a pledge of $1,000,000 is reached, Kick Heart will be developed into a full length animated feature film !

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14 Responses to “Kickstart Masaaki Yuasa’s Anime Short Kick Heart”


I’m always shocked at how expensive animation is.

It’s exciting to see kickstarter used for something like this. Hopefully they’ll be able to reach their goal.

The concept is really interesting, it’s a shame it will only be about 10 minutes long.


If only investors started caring more about avant garde anime…


I am most certainly contributing toward this, and it will be my first venture into actually donating on Kickstarter. Yuasa is, to me, one of the very best working artists today. Everything he’s done has left me far more impressed than the majority of what the animation community has been offering up year-to-year, and I am more than glad to support a project that warrants it, and this one most definitely does.


In U.S. standard, $120,000 is tiny amount for 10 minute film. Sponge Bob Square pants gets $500,000 for one 22 minute episode

Visit this site for animation budget chart


Jason – Just as you said, it has such great material a full length film will do it more justice. Let’s wait and see. :]

David – That’ll be ideal, but unlikely I think…animation isn’t that big of a money spinner. :[

Brandon – We need more people like you. :]

Henry – Thanks for the very informative chart !


Looks nice! I do have a project on Kickstarter as well. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.


now will someone at Madhouse please put together a kickstarter campaign to get The Dream Machine finished?!


I fear that this project will not be funded. From the time this article was written to now (which is 8-9 days), only about $20000 was raised. And they still have $60000 more to go within 17 days. 🙁


Yeah they reached their original goal plus two additional goals their total is $203,692 And we are getting an english dub with Richard Epcar. I am so happy.


Hope to watch the animation.


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