Joe Hisashi at the Budokan

Posted By yonghow on May 26th, 2008

The official flyer for Joe Hisashi’s upcoming’s performance at the Budokan ( in August ), aptly illustrated by none other than Miyazaki Hayao himself. I’ve already grabbed my hard copy from a nearby convenience stall. Can anyone find Chihiro-chan from Spirited Away in the illustration ? Miyazaki-san seemed to have missed her out completely.

Joe Hisashi is the composer for many of Ghibli’s most beloved animation soundtracks like My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Mononoke Hiime. (my personal favourite) To celebrate the release of Ghibli’s latest animation film Ponyo on the Cliff in July, Joe HIsashi will be performing titles from all the films that he and Miyazaki-san have collaborated on in the past 25 years. A sure sell out, so hurry if you want to catch the maestro in action.

Check out more details from the official Joe Hisashi webpages below:

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I actually prefer his tracks for Takeshi Kitano’s movies.. I tend not to mind background music to animation too often since I’m too captivated by the animation itself. Weird how I just noticed that as I was typing the first sentence…


Rence – It must be the effect of Kitano’s films, but Joe Hisashi’s music for his films are all so poignant and sad, completely different pieces of work from his music for Miyazaki-san although they are still quickly recognizable.

tragic comedy

This is legendary! Im not much of a music guy, but I would say his soundtracks are what makes the Ghibli films so memorable…Pity my schedule and budget is so tight that i wont be able to catch it.


What a great illustration!


tragic comedy – Yup, Ghibli’s films just not quite complete without his music.

Dave – Much agreed !

Andy H

Aw, id love to go to that! The tune from Laputa where theyre walking around the gardens makes my eyes all watery! To hear that played live would be superb.


Andy – You’re tempting me…


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