Ghost in the Shell SAC fair – Laughing Man Hotcakes

Posted By yonghow on March 30th, 2008

Fancy a byte ?

“笑い男にハッキングされたホットケーキです。” – A Laughing Man “Ghost Hacked” hotcake, yours to enjoy for 500 yen from the Ghost in the Shell SAC cafe. Now Batou-san will be most delighted.

These and more are part of the Ghost in the Shell SAC fair, a series of events for Production IG’s critically acclaimed anime series of the same name, which kicked off a few days ago on the 27th March (probably in conjunction with the annual Tokyo Anime Festival 2008, which I wish I had the time to attend :[), starting from hobby shops in the heart of Akihabara.

Over the course of the fair there will be exhibitions displaying original GITS animation drawings and artwork, as well as figures from the series. Goodies include limited edition stickers and illustrations by IG’s animator Goto Takayuki. (yes, the G in Production I.G refers to this Goto.)

Now if only the brilliant folks from IG will just kick off a brand new season, I’ll jack in at a moment’s notice, Ghost hacked cakes notwithstanding.

Ghost in the Shell SAC fair official homepage (Japanese only)
Ghost in the Shell SAC cafe menu (Japanese only)
Production IG official homepage

Laughing Man hotcake picture courtesy of Akiba Keisai.

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8 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell SAC fair – Laughing Man Hotcakes”


That is brilliant. xD

…and a new season would definitely be a nice treat.
If only, if only. :

tragic comedy

thats certainly very cute hotcakes…i wonder if it can be used to cover the face…


That is such a novel idea! id definitely have a byte!


kasumi – Ditto.

tragic comedy/Jasrie – Love to have a taste !


Argh, I missed my chance at taking a bite out of this absolutely delicious-looking laughing man hotcake!


dude….thats awesome.


double, CMWilly – I wonder if it tastes any good though…


so very epic XD