Ghibli’s Kaguyahime Prologue / Art & Storyboard Book Details

Posted By yonghow on December 2nd, 2013

Studio Ghibli has released a 6 minute prologue clip of their latest animated film Kaguyahime No Monogatari, now on its theatrical run in Japan. The film is directed by veteran Ghibli director (and mentor of Miyazaki Hayao) Takahata Isao, and music is composed by the ever amazing Hisashi Joe.

The painterly feel and pastel palette of the film is a nice break from the usual look of anime these days, and the quality of animation is superb. Check out the prologue below :

And just like the rest of Ghibli’s works the release also come with new art books for the film –

The Art Of Kaguyahime (releasing on 20th December 2013)

Amazon Japan purchase link here.

Kaguyahime Storyboard Book (releasing on 18th December 2013)

Amazon Japan purchase link here.

I hope to pick up both of them later this month when I’m in Tokyo and with some luck maybe catch the film at the cinema as well. I’ll post reviews for the books the first chance I get.

There are also a couple of Japanese magazines and periodicals with special features on Kaguyahime, check out the links below.


4 Responses to “Ghibli’s Kaguyahime Prologue / Art & Storyboard Book Details”


Kaguya looks very regal on the art book cover.

“With some luck” you’ll watch this when you’re in Japan? I’d move heaven and earth to watch it. Are you going to be that busy?


Haha, I meant to say, with some luck, (the film will still be showing in cinemas) and I’ll be able to catch it. :]

Is there a release set for the UK ?


Of course it’s still going to be showing!

Nothing for the UK. They haven’t even screened Kaze Tachinu yet (not at festivals, not for regular cinematic release), so I’m not even going to get my hopes up for being able to see Kaguya Hime for… I don’t know… at least another 6-9 months? Even with Kaze Tachinu, there has been no sign when they might show it. X_X


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