Devilman Crybaby – Masaaki Yuasa ( Netflix Original Anime Series )

Posted By yonghow on January 14th, 2018

Devilman Crybaby - Masaaki Yuasa ( Netflix Original Anime Series )

I’ve only just finished binging on the Netflix original anime series Devilman Crybaby, directed by the incredibly talented Masaaki Yuasa ( Mind Game, PingPong, Kickheart ). The series is an update of the original 1973 anime, and is adapted from legendary manga artist Go Nagai‘s source comic Devilman.

I greatly enjoyed Masaaki Yuasa’s modern take and rendition, his frenetic animation style bringing an unhinged, visceral energy to the many action sequences throughout the series. While I also liked his previous films like Mind Game and PingPong, Devilman Crybaby is now my new favorite.

The show contains more violence and nudity than your average anime and is definitely NSFW, but the whole narrative is a thrilling and rewarding ride if you can make it to the end. I highly recommend it.

Devilman Crybaby - Masaaki Yuasa ( Netflix Original Anime Series )

And here’s a couple of teasers to whet your appetite –


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i need to watch this, Yuasa working on a Devilman show would seem to be a good intriguing match-up. plus i loved the manga by go nagai. theres a wackiness in the original manga that i can see Yuasa bring out in a more faithful manner (than the other anime adaptations).


Thank you for sharing this review. Netflix is going hard with there content. We’re looking forward to pitching to them soon.


Interesting. The minimalist rendering style and character designs will be something for me to get used to for this property, having grown up with the OVAs. But Ping Pong was the last show that I thought was worthy to be included in the pantheon of great anime shows, and I’m a Devilman fan, so I’ll give this a look.


I’m familiar with Masaaki Yuasa’s work, but not so much Devilman ( I’ve seen Go Nagai’s work before but never read Devilman or seen the original anime ).

But I was blown away by the Yuasa’s take, I have a feeling for those who are familiar with Go Nagai’s work to really love this one…or hate it. :]


Some of the plot in the middle of the series seems gratuitous, or maybe rushed by the high expectations involved. Apart from that the story is true to the concept form the manga, and has that superb fluid animation trademark by Yuasa-san all the way.