Denno Coil Galore Part I – Special limited edition dvd 1

Posted By yonghow on September 27th, 2007

With its captivating storyline and jawbreaking animation, Madhouse’s Denno Coil ( 電脳コイル) has been keeping me on a fix ever since its release a few months back. The initial press limited edition dvd 1 ( containing episode 1 & 2, plus a bonus making of disc and storyboard book ) just arrived in the mail yesterday.

Densuke on the back of the cardboard cover.

The storyboard book, which contains full boards from episode 1 and 2 :

Here’s a look inside. Storyboards are highly detailed, with accompanying notes.

And inside the dvd case. The 2nd disc is hidden behind the first one.

Now for the bad news : There are no english subtitles on either disc. The making of disc contains a fair bit of material, including a lengthy Denno Coil release press conference, interviews with a few cast members, scenes in the voice-over and soundtrack recording session, etc. I was most hoping for features on the animation and production process but I guess they are leaving that for later. If you understand Japanese, the bonus disc and storyboard book is definitely worth the buy, if not, its better to wait for the US release I guess.

Part II – Denno Coil in books and publications.


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Woohoo, a Dennou Coil post! 🙂

I got my copy of this (yes, limited-ed!) yesterday from Amazon and while I flipped through the storyboard book (love it), I didn’t look at the extras. I had thought they’d include features on the animation process, though – you mean they don’t? How disappointing. And this is such a “sakuga anime” that it’s a shame! How I would love to hear from Iso etc. about the process of making this anime (especially considering how creative it is). Oh well.

I think it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t have subtitles thoguh; only a very small minority of R2 anime DVDs come with subtitles (Studio 4C products – but why not Tekkon Kinkreet, gr – Ghibli films and some of those World Masterpiece Theatre classics)
I can only hope they’d bother releasing some disc with material about animation production because I checked on the stuff that comes with Limited Editions for future releases and they all seem to come with a. the storyboard book for the eps in the DVDs and b. a ~10 minute dialogue session between voice actors. No mention of animators.

Honestly the only reason I am trying to collect the DVDs is because
1. I really want to support projects like these, and I love the show
2. Storyboard books
as otherwise, the HD-releases actually have much better video quality…


I never heard about this! Sounds interesting!

tragic comedy

i want the storyboards…


w – I agree, I too was hoping for features on the animation and production. I guess we can only hope for it in the future episode releases !

Nicola – Its great, please check it out !

tragic comedy – Highly recommended !


I am so addicted to Dennou Coil now. It’s the best series I’ve watched since GITS SAC! The other series that had gotten my attention is FLAG.


Haven’t heard of FLAG before, will take a look soon. :]


How could this be a bad News? It’s known that Japanese rarely put English subtitles in DVD. They don’t even put subtitles in Japanese.
Let’s put it this way. Japanese marketing and distribution on international level are horrible PERIOD. That is why pirates are taking advantage of it. Anyway, I’m just happy that I got the same one as yours.


Thanks for posting this — I’m hoping that eventually someone will release this with subtitles for non-Japanese speaking peoples. It’s a truly awesome and worthwhile series.


Yayy!! where can i get it??? PLs pls pls pls~


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