Denno Coil galore Part II – Japanese novel + guidebook + magazine feature

Posted By yonghow on October 6th, 2007

Book one from the Denno Coil novel series, which I picked up from a book store in Kichijoji on my way to the studio.

Its a really thick volume, about twice that of normal pocket sized Japanese novels you find in bookstores. Nonetheless, it should make for fairly easy reading as many parts of it are conversational dialogue.

Next up is the Denno Coil access guidebook. Its a Roman album released during the series’ debut on television and is pretty much out of print now. There’s a sizeable amount of material inside that covers character profiles, background art and epsiode synopsis.

Lastly we have the Denno Coil special feature in the latest issue of 季刊エス (S) magazine ( no. 20 ), a very popular bimonthly manga and illustration magazine valued for its fold-in Range Murata posters.

The feature covers interviews with a few staff members but the highlight goes to the scanned pencil drawings ( with peg bar marks intact ) from several key sequences, complete with time sheets and a brief write-up on the posing and timing.

I’ve visited several Denno Coil discussion threads on the net and it seems many fans have voiced their disappointment with the recently released limited edition dvd 1 for its lack of extra features on production and “making of”. As a series lauded for its superb animation, it does seem a like a pity not to showcase it. Let’s hope they will make this right in the future dvds.

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It’s a pity it’ll probably be like super expensive at Kino or something. When was it sold, I wonder… if it’s last month’s I’m sure I can’t get it anymore. I think.


This is the latest issue, so Kino should still be selling it if they do carry it. Also, its a quarterly magazine so it should stay on the shelves for a while till the next issue is released, that is if it doesn’t get sold out before that. :]

tragic comedy

its already sold out at bugis and liang court…
grab the last few copies at the orchard branch!
it seems every autumn issue is animation based though…(last year’s book had the haruhi rock band sequence in it)


I Hope I can get this at Kinokuniya I love the scanned animation drawings good reference for animating


I was reluctant to buy this book. Now I’d better get it before it’s too late. I thought this book was one of those lame anime character profile book flooded with usual scene pictures and model sheet drawings.

Key Animation in yellow- Takeshi Honda (animation director of Millenium Actress and Evangelion. Key animation- Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfather)

Last Key animation- Toshiyuki Inoue (“Perfect Animator”- Key animator of Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Perfect Blue, Paprika, Millenium Actress, Jinroh, SteamBoy, Kiki’s Delivery Service and other damn good Japanese animations. Character Design: Memories-Magantic Rose, Tree of Palme)


Wow ! You’re definitely well informed. :]



just finished episode 26

such a wonderful series – one of the best Japan animation has ever produced. EVER. PERIOD.