Boom beach Animated Commercials

Posted By yonghow on June 15th, 2015

Boom Beach Commercials

I’ve been enjoying these animated commercials for Boom Beach, a mobile strategy video game developed by Supercell, a games company based in Finland. The quality of animation is pretty good and the blocky characters design reminds me at times of Valve’s Team Fortress.

Check out the a few of the spots below :


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Oh, man. Now you’re in North America and seeing all these commercials on TV. Just wait until you see them so much that you see them in your dreams! Free-to-play game commercials are all over TV here, and are really advertised everywhere, and the quality of television advertisements and the way they are all over the place will make you sick of even stuff you once liked.

But! Nice having you so close! Please say something if you’re going to be on the east coast of the US any time!


Zack – I actually opted out of the cable TV bundle when I signed up for my internet so my exposure will be limited, I hope. I watched more that I should have during my first week when I was still staying in a hotel. :] Definitely hope to visit the US if I have the opportunity while I’m here.