Akira 30th Anniversary SteelBook Blu-ray

Posted By yonghow on January 2nd, 2012

Plenty of Otomo goodness going on around recently – first with the soon to be released Kaba 2 art book, and now the 30th Anniversary SteelBook Blu-ray for Akira. Gotta love that case design !

This will go on sale from the 27th of January, and I’m pretty sure it will sell out faster than you can shout “KANEEEDAAA !!”.

Some details on the item :

Price : 9240 yen ( about 120 USD )
Language & Subtitles : English, Japanese
No. of discs : 2
Total Runtime : 267 minutes

Comes in steelbox with a special booklet and 3 postcards. Extras on the 2nd disc include trailers, TV spots, and the entire storyboard collection. There’s no indication ( at least not yet ) of any new extra features, making of on Amazon’s page.

To pre-order, go to Amazon’s page here, or click on the image link below.

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6 Responses to “Akira 30th Anniversary SteelBook Blu-ray”

Bitter lix

Wonder which english dubbing is featured here? I always preferencji the Pioneer one.


the original English dub will never see the light of day again. the rights were lost i believe, and they spent so much money and time “remastering” it, they will never give that one up. i don’t really care as much, since the Japanese is superior to the English anyway, but that new English one really is bad.

also, goddamn stupid expensive Japanese Amazon shipping on top of already expensive items are going to break me.


@_@ i wanttt…. but damn the price.. Need to save up for it i..

Bitter lix

Thanks for the dub info.


The Australian release of Akira features both dubs as well as the Japanese audio.


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