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Work, work and more work.

Posted By yonghow on November 30th, 2007

Freedom shares a spot on the anime  charts with Tekkon Kinkreet in a Tsutaya dvd store in Narita airport, Tokyo.


Animation Nation 2007 Freedom screening – Thank you.

Posted By yonghow on November 24th, 2007

I will be heading to the airport soon to catch my plane back to Tokyo, and with a mountain of work waiting for me back in the studio I doubt I will be able to write anything for a while, so I figured I said my thanks first.

A very big thanks to the dedicated folks from the Singapore Film Society who organized AN 2007, Dave, Vijay, Shirley, Gavin, and Nas ( screening room, I hope I got your name correct ) and everyone who turned up today to watch Freedom. I apologize profusely for the badly answered questions, and if I was unattentive to anyone. I really wished I had more time to chat with the people who came up to talk to me after the screening. I’m glad you guys enjoyed watching Freedom.

Animation Nation 2007 has only just started, you guys are in for many a great treat I am sure.

ps The release of the said final episode of Freedom is not official yet, so I very politely ask that the friends who now know the news keep it to yourselves. Yoroshiku Tanomu. :]

See you guys back in Tokyo very soon, with more news on Freedom.

Autumn Leaves, Tokyo

Posted By yonghow on November 19th, 2007


For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

Posted By yonghow on November 16th, 2007


Toho Gakuen Film School 東放学園映画専門学校

Posted By yonghow on November 13th, 2007

Toho Gakuen Film Techniques Training College (東放学園映画専門学校) , located in Takadanobaba (高田馬場), Tokyo, was where I took a 2 year filmmaking course while under the NAC Takashimaya scholarship program. The school was established by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) in 1969 to nurture able talent for the Japanese film, animation and music industries, and has continued to produce skilled professionals for the media industry till this day. Well, so the website says. :p


Animation Nation 2007 – Tekkon Kinkreet, Freedom Screening

Posted By yonghow on November 9th, 2007


Freedom Nissin Cup Noodles Commercial 8

Posted By yonghow on November 6th, 2007


A year of work at Sunrise Emotion Animation Studios

Posted By yonghow on November 3rd, 2007

Ao from Freedom does a Planet Terror parody outside Sunrise’s entrance. Read : Authorized personnel only.